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Link building

Anyone who works within iGaming SEO will know exactly how hard link building, outreach and digital PR can be. You send hundreds if not thousands of outreach emails – and if you get lucky you will acquire a couple of links.

You need to create valuable content people are proud to link to.

Scaled outreaching is time-consuming. It requires a long-term strategy and it can seem impossible to scale effectively.

You could build your own outreach team…but adding creatives and outreach experts to your payroll isn’t cheap. And finding the right expertise takes time and commitment.

When you partner with iGaming SEO, you get a creative and outreach team with a proven track record building links and digital PR within iGaming – at a fraction of the cost of having a permanent outreach team in-house.

What do we offer?

Increase your website’s authority

Using our proprietary outreach and prospecting technology, we find high-quality relevant websites to link to your website.

Links that last forever

Our links are not rented. Our links stick and that’s final. Our tools check links daily to ensure your acquired links stay live.

Relevant and ranking improving backlinks

Our outreach team acts as an extension of a traditional PR team. We do not use link networks, Private Blog Networks or link brokers. All our outreach is unique to your website.

Personalised outreach

We produce customised and well-written outreach (never automated), so you don’t have to. All outreach communications are done by humans, not bots.

Content assets that add value

We take care of content creation and distribution. This could be long-form evergreen content, useful well-researched resource guides or data visualisations of your own surveys. Content that makes your target look good and happy to link to you.

Gain an unfair advantage

Link building is difficult and therefore very rewarding. It's not supposed to scale. That’s why it’s a competitive barrier. Using our proprietary technology and continual investment in refining our processes has allowed us to successfully build iGaming links for over eight years.

What can you expect?

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Content creation

Our team of experienced content writers and designers will provide content recommendations that will earn links. Our team can design and build all content creative.

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Link acquisition

Using our technology, we mine the internet to understand what content will help acquire links and where that opportunity lies.

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We built our own outreach platform to scale the outreach process. All our emails are checked by humans before outreach starts. All our communication is via our transparent platform and is always bespoke to each client and campaign.

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